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Mexico CIty - Nov 7th Mexico CIty - Nov 7thMexico CIty - Nov 7th
Mexico CIty - Nov 7thMexico CIty - Nov 7thMexico CIty - Nov 7th

More and more people are familiar with NFTs. Everywhere there are news heavily focused on the speculative aspects of these new symbols of value, while the voices that forged the conceptual background and the original motivations that led to their creation are less frequent.

PFPs, virtual parcels, celebrity drops, metrics and so on, will probably continue to attract a lot of attention in the years to come. But it often happens that those who have been creating in the crypto ecosystem for mastering their craft, have different goals and inspirations from the ones who enter the space to seek influence.

Beyond the recent fever for minting content, beyond utility, beyond rankings and records sales, The NonNFT Summit brings together the people behind the crypto-art movement in a one-of a-kind celebration.